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Aaron had a once in a life time opportunity to meet and become friends with Alec and Luis Cuevas of Casa Cuevas Cigar Company in Miami, Florida

Aaron Paoletta - LaVega Cigars and Tony Bellato - La Barba Cigars

Aaron with Drew Newman of the J.C. Newman Cigar Co. Tampa FL

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Aaron Paoletta, aka, Furby 2chainz is a American Multi-Faceted Businessman and Founder of LaVega Cigar Co. He is also the Founding Member for Las Vegas, NV based Hard Rock band, Meade Ave. and the Founder Rockstar Divisions LLC which owns Bad Sue Recording Studios, The LaVega Luxury Collection (Mens Luxury Cosmetics), LaVega Cigar Co. and FURBY 2chainz Productions.

Aaron Grew up in a small town in Western Pennsylvania called, Mercer. Aaron took to music at the age of 4. His father was a Drummer in a local cover band so naturally Aaron went on to do the same. Growing up in the Mercer, PA School Music program, he learned a variety of instruments including Saxophone, Clarinet, Percussion, Guitar and Keyboard. He was in most of the bands that the school offered but his favorite by far was lead tenor sax in jazz band. 

Fun Fact: Aaron started smoking cigars at the age of 18 and purchased his first cigar from penn ohio cigar company in Sharon Pennsylvania. This is also the lounge that Aaron went to daily during the creation of LaVega Cigars. Coincidentally, this is the only local Mercer County cigar lounge that does not support carrying the LaVega Cigar line.

In January, 2004, Aaron moved to Las Vegas, NV to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. After obtaining an Associates degree from Le Cordon Bleu, Las Vegas and a Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu International, Paris, FR, he worked as a chef in a variety of 5 diamond resorts and restaurants. After many years in the culinary field , he decided to get back into music by starting a Jazz trio with his 2 siblings which turned into owning a recording studio/record label and then he formed his band, Meade Ave, that went on to be signed to Independent Record Label/Distribution, Von Artists ltd as well as MC Music Management and RIND Records.

After spending many years in the music Industry, Aaron decided to try the film industry. He has been on Las Vegas Grit Next Exit, KOS Sports talk, New Frontier Armory Commercial aas well as a few others. 

In 2017, Aaron and his wife, Jacklean, decided to leave Sin City and move back to the peaceful town of Mercer, PA which is where he is originally from. 

In late 2019, Aaron had the idea to start a mobile cigar lounge. “LaVega” was the name he chose paying homage to “Las Vegas” which is where he spent 14 years of his life. His shear love for Cigars was the reason he created The Cigar Lounge, Cigar Talk Show and he has been filming it since 2020 and can be viewed on

In September of 2022, he took his love for cigars one step further and became a Certified Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist and mostly travels to different cigar lounges around the U.S filming episodes for his show. While having his mobile lounge and filming his show, Aaron wanted to finally create his own line of cigars. 

May 11th, 2023, Aaron finally came out with the first 3 blends for his cigar company. The Il Primo, The Il Secondo and The Il Terzo. These names pay homage to Aarons Italian heritage and mean, The 1st, The 2nd and The 3rd. These are named for the order in which the cigar blends were chosen. 

This was all made possible due to a conversation that happened unexpectedly at a Casa Cuevas cigar event at the Grand Resort in Warren Ohio in late 2022. While at the event, Aaron opened the Casa Cuevas sampler that he was given and upon smoking the Sangre Nueva, he caught Alec Cuevas walking by and asked him if the cigar was supposed to taste like beef jerky? To which Alec responded, “Im surprised you caught that”. The chat between Aaron and Alec lasted 3 hours and is what set this entire venture in motion. Alec and his father, Luis Jr. opened the door for Aaron to have access to their Las Lavas factory in the Dominican Republic. The LaVega Cigar Co. is now in full swing and can be found in a variety of stores.

Here is another fun fact: Tony Bellatto of Havana House in Niles, OH, La Barba Cigars, Lost and Found Cigars and Bellatto Premium Cigars gave Aaron his first shot at being placed in a retail location. That was offered before the first batch was even created. So a personal thank you to Tony Bellatto.

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